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In what environment does the pound do not use?
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1, the pound should not be used in a chemical gas environment, acid or alkaline gas will corrode its scale. If it is in this environment for a long time, I think your weighs will not be used for a long time.

2, do not use in the wet environment, we all know that the pound to run is needed electricity, and the wet environment is easy to paralyse the internal circuit, so the use of the pound is certainly not good.

3, in rainy days do not use the pounds, this environment is the most vulnerable, especially in the outdoor pounds, once the rain is wet or thunderstorm hit, the consequences are unimaginable, I hope you can pay attention.

1. make corresponding improvements based on the different use environment

One of the effective means to ensure the normal use of the scales is to make corresponding improvements to different environments. In many cases, the same kind of weight will be used under different environments, which requires us to make different configurations according to the different environment to meet the requirements used in the current environment. For example, when the pound is used on the bottom of the sea, we should pay attention to increasing its shell waterproof and compression resistance, which is waterproof at the moment, but has not given it the ability to withstand strong pressure. It is also not beneficial to our pounds. The weight of the car and the large mechanical equipment needs to be considered aseismic, to avoid the heavy vibration that affects the use of the pounds during the running of the car and the operation of large machinery. It has the ability to prove that it can avoid the influence of external environment.

2. select the right product for the user

While ensuring that the pounds can be improved according to different uses, we should also pay attention to the choice of the appropriate products for the users. As a member of the pound industry, it is our responsibility and obligation to help the users to solve problems and problems. We should always remember that our purpose is to help users solve problems rather than simply sell products. It requires all workers to have a sense of service for the customers, to think about the problems and to meet the needs of the users, we can improve the service of the staff by training. Knowledge, let the staff to understand the importance of service awareness, in addition, can also set up satisfaction score, the user evaluation of the service of workers to solve the problem, whether there is the need to recommend the appropriate weight.

3. speed up the development of scientific and technological level

Science and technology is the first productive force. To fundamentally solve the influence of external factors on the pound, the most important measure is to speed up the development of the level of science and technology, and to improve the ability to deal with the complex environment of the outside world by continuous innovation and research and development.

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