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Basic requirements for the construction of the pound
Time:2018-6-2 8:49:44      Click:1610

1, the SCS series electronic truck scale foundation structure is divided into shallow foundation pit and no foundation pit two kinds. Our company provides users with the design drawing according to the needs of users.

2, according to the basic design drawings provided by users, combined with the geological conditions of the site, the design of the construction drawings is carried out. Three problems must be paid special attention to in the design of construction.

(1) the bearing capacity (ground endurance) of plain soil is not less than 20t/m2. If the geological condition of the site fails to meet this requirement, reinforcement must be done.

(2) foundation excavation must be excavated below the local permafrost line.

(3) for the foundation of shallow foundation, drainage channel must be designed. The foundation pit foundation should also consider the surrounding drainage problem, so that the truck scale will not be flooded into the water due to rain.

3. The inner and horizontal bar net of the foundation concrete must be tied up with the 16# wire for over 50% intersection points, and the steel bar is connected with the steel plate (used as the ground wire of the weighing sensor).

4. The embedded parts (iron floor, anchor bolts, angle iron protecting edges, etc.) in the foundation construction are provided by the users themselves. Measures must be taken to ensure the correct location of anchor bolts and iron plates. For this reason, it is suggested that the two way of propeller can be used to locate, and there must be no void between the iron floor and concrete. During construction, the level and elevation of each iron plate must be guaranteed to meet the requirements of the basic design drawings. The equal height difference of each iron floor center should be less than 2mm, and the horizontal inclination of the iron floor should be less than 1/500, and the diagonal deviation of the center distance of each iron plate is less than 2mm.

5. After the completion of the foundation construction, we must pay attention to the maintenance. In order to shorten construction period and maintenance time, early strength agents are added to concrete during construction. Concrete scales shall not be installed when the concrete fails to reach the design strength.

6. The design of the car weigher's pound room is determined by the user according to the actual needs: a grounding wire and a 220V power supply must be set in the LB room for the use of weighing control instruments. The pound room must be near the scale. We need to inform you in advance of the special circumstances.

7, users in the northern region should consider the heating problem in winter. Users with the right conditions should preferably use air conditioning or heating, and no coal stove should be installed in the pound room.

8. The weighing signal cable is drawn from the weighing platform and enters the pound chamber through the metal tube. It is recommended to use the 1 inch metal tube and wear the lead wire at the same time.

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