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Precautions for weighing module debugging
Time:2018-6-2 8:37:05      Click:1175

Before the weighing module is debugged, it is necessary to check whether the top nut of each weighing module has been loosened and the sleeve is in a free state, otherwise, it will produce large error or even can not be weighed.

When debugging, check the set value of each parameter to meet the actual needs, especially the "start the zero" parameter, when the factory is usually set to "start automatic zero", in the container scale should be changed to "prohibit starting automatic zero zero", to prevent the cause of power stop, again when the machine is open, the weight of the container material is Clear and lost.

The range setting does not mean the rated total load of a set of weighing modules, nor does it include the weight of the container itself, but it should be based on the maximum weight of the material.

The power supply voltage of the weighing display instrument must meet the requirements, such as unstable voltage and exceeding the allowable range, which will cause digital drift. It is best to use the voltage regulator.

Weighing system, which is made up of weighing module, is easy to automate process weighing and is easy to connect with computer, so it will be more and more widely used in chemical industry.

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