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Intelligent transportation to solve traffic congestion
Time:2018-6-1 18:19:57      Click:1683

Traffic congestion not only brings inconvenience to travel and life, but also causes emission and noise pollution. More serious is heavy economic losses. According to statistics, the economic losses caused by traffic jams in China every year are as high as 250 billion yuan. Traffic congestion has become a "chronic disease" that hinders development. One of the best solutions is to develop intelligent transportation. Intelligent transportation plays an important role in improving the efficiency of traffic management, alleviating traffic congestion, reducing environmental pollution, and ensuring traffic safety. It will be the main direction of the future development of traffic field.

An overview of the development of Intelligent Transportation

At present, 26 provinces and cities have carried out the construction of highway ETC in accordance with national standards. The North China area and the Yangtze River Delta region are connected to the regional network respectively. In the two demonstration regions of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta, the military vehicle using the ETC network test operation has been carried out. Up to now, the national construction of ETC special lane more than 7100, ETC users more than 10 million, more than 700 self service network, bank and other cooperation outlets more than 5000, more than 10 thousand terminals.

ETC construction is an important part of intelligent transportation. Its rapid development reflects the rapid development of intelligent transportation. At present, a total of 19 provinces and municipalities have announced the investment plan of intelligent transportation, involving an investment of up to 7 billion 805 million yuan. In addition, the investment of intelligent transportation is wide, and the investment of tens of millions of projects is not only in the first tier cities, but the investment of individual projects in the two or three line cities also appears. It is estimated that by 2020, the investment in the field of intelligent transportation will reach 182 billion yuan.

The great leap forward of intelligent transportation is inseparable from the full support behind the policy. For example, "transportation information" 13th Five-Year "development plan" points out that the construction of intelligent transportation should be vigorously promoted and the development level of transportation information is constantly improved. Relying on the key project and demonstration project of the industry informatization, we should put forth efforts to implement the strategic task of the national informatization, butt the construction of the national e-government project, support the three strategic implementation, deepen the application of the industry information, perfect the environment of the information development, and try to realize the traffic and transportation information in the upper and the right connection and inside. External financing promotes the development of modern integrated transportation system.

Under the policy support, it is expected that in the next 5 years, the investment in the intelligent transportation system will continue to grow. The strategic planning will directly drive the demand of the market to video, security, monitoring and charge. The future intelligent transportation will enter the "big data" era, although the development of the intelligent transportation system in China is not yet finished. Good, there are still many areas to be developed in the future, the market prospect is broad, and will continue to show the trend of rapid growth over a long period of time.

Analysis of potential market for Intelligent Transportation

Urban intelligent transportation mainly depends on government investment and construction, and the development of the industry is obviously affected by policies. In the past three years, in 2011, relying on the good influence of the "12th Five-Year" intelligent transportation industry policy, China's urban intelligent transportation market has been growing rapidly, and the growth of the market is increasing from close to 20% to more than 30%. In 2012, the market scale growth is affected by the poor national macro-economic environment and the change of local governments. Down to 20%; in 2013, under the state debt audit and the local debt problem, the growth of the market has not reached the market expectations, maintained a 20% growth level, the market size reached 19 billion 200 million yuan, and 2014 reached 24 billion 600 million yuan, in spite of the local debt problem. The increase was 28% year-on-year. It is estimated that China will establish an urban traffic command center in more than 200 large and medium-sized cities, and the scale of intelligent transportation market will reach more than 100 billion yuan by 2022.

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