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Replacement method of electronic scale sensor
Time:2018-6-1 17:46:33      Click:1142

We can see electronic scales everywhere in our daily life. The electronic scale is an essential tool in our daily life. It not only occupies an important position in our daily life, but also plays an important leading role in the field of business and economic development. According to the requirements of the working environment, the range and form of the electronic scale will be changed accordingly. Change, no matter what type of electronic scale, its most important core is the performance of the sensor, when the sensor problems, the use of electronic scales will be affected, then how do we change the changes:

First, the scale body above the sensor needs to be opened.

Second, check the connection of the wire and cable of the sensor.

Third, replace sensors to ensure proper connection of cables.

Fourth, readjusting the scale and re calibrating and correcting the above methods are some maintenance experiences for our technical personnel for your reference.

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