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Precautions before the installation of the electronic truck scale
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In the concept of users, the installation method of the electronic truck scale is very important, but it is often ignored that the preparation of the car balance before installation is also very important. This analogy, we have read very much since childhood. The purpose is to lay a foundation for the university entrance examination. After the foundation is laid, we need not worry at all. In the same way, the preparation of truck scale before installation is based on the formal installation. So if the preparatory work is not done well, the electronic pounds will not be installed directly, so the preparation work must be fully done before installing the electronic pound.

1. determine the self filtering strength of the digital sensor.

There is no fixed standard for setting the filter intensity of digital sensors, which can meet the requirements of field application. According to field experience, we generally suggest that the filtering intensity of the sensor can be set at 1~3 levels lower than that of the final electronic scale. Taking HBM's digital sensor as an example, if the filter strength used in our final car balance is 5 level, the HBM digital sensor can be set below level 4 (0.5Hz above). Subsequent filtering is completed by the instrument, and the general instrument filter can be set at Level 3 or more than level 3.

2. determine the communication speed, data format, and communication string format used by digital sensors, and whether they are consistent with the definition of internal digital instruments. Digital instruments and digital sensors are connected by RS485 communication, so the communication speed (baud rate), data format (including data number, stop bit, check mode, etc.) must be consistent; at the same time, the communication data and commands are correctly resolved and the communication character string format must also be used with the string to be sent and received by the instrument The format is consistent. For example, HBM's digital sensor has 9600 and 19200 communication baud rates, 7 bits and 8 bits of two data digits, and there are 3 ways of non check, odd check and parity check. The format of communication string also exists in many kinds of Formate1 to Formate4. It's a lot of trouble.

If the parameters are inconsistent, it is necessary to agree with the instrument to set the communication baud rate and data format of the digital sensor before the installation of the installation software of the digital sensor. Some digital instruments, such as the XK3190-DS1 and DS2, have the function of automatic testing and setting up the communication parameters, and directly connect the digital sensor to the instrument by one by one to complete the communication parameters.

3. set up and identify the communication address of the digital sensor.

The electronic sensor will set up the communication address of the digital sensor, and someone will get used to it after the sensor is installed. In order to facilitate the installation and commissioning later, it is recommended that the work be done before the sensor is installed. You can use the sensor's own software as well as the communication address setting function provided by the digital instrument. There is no uniform requirement, users can choose according to the site conditions. The sensor address is best coded according to the order of installation. For example, 8 sensors can be set up in turn: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. After each digital sensor is set up, it is better to make obvious signs in the eye - catching position of the sensor and the interface end of the junction box, so as to facilitate the subsequent installation and connection.

4. the confirmation of the maximum output code value of the digital sensor.

The maximum output code value of the digital sensor (the full range output code value) is not very concerned by the general user. In fact, the maximum output code value and the final measurement accuracy and stability of the electronic weigh are essential. Due to the use of multiple sensors, the actual range of signals used by each sensor is generally within 1/3 to 1/4F.S. If the maximum output code value is 30000 yards, if each sensor uses a 1/4 range signal, the actual maximum output code value of each sensor is 7500 yards, if the whole scale is composed of 8 sensors. The actual output of the full scale of the scale body is 60000 yards. If the scale is finally calibrated according to the accuracy of 1/5000, each d = 12 code, in this way, the sensor will produce 1 fraction of the beat per beat of 6 yards, resulting in the final instability; at the same time, there are many problems for the final zero position processing of the car scale.

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